08.May, 2007 @09:05     Tech News
Pioneering Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth technology cuts out background noise enabling interference-free mobile telephone conversations, anywhere.

Earset 2 from Bang & Olufsen is the ultimate hands-free solution for mobile telephone conversations, be they in a noisy car, on the street or anywhere where background noise can take over. Motorists can now enjoy trouble-free and perfectly legal mobile telephone conversations in any noisy vehicle, whether it’s due to noisy younger passengers, the powerful V8 under the bonnet or even in a convertible.

The Earset 2 contains audio technology that has the power to banish environmental noise and raise the bar for the reception and transmission of sound. Unique Bang & Olufsen digital sound reproduction technology is applied to nuanced hardware design to give class-leading headset comfort and usability.

Exceptional transmission quality is achieved by two omni-directional microphones which filter and suppress background noise, giving the best voice transmission possible.

The loudspeaker in Earset 2 is a fully-fledged closed cabinet loudspeaker unit in miniature. Supported by air vents and a bass port together with an ergonomic design, the loudspeaker has a frequency response that gives an exceptionally high degree of tonal precision. 52826bo-

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is used to optimise the sound for each call, DSP monitors both the dynamic-technical and tonal qualities of the signal to accurately reproduce human voice, though does not eliminate all transmission noise as this would create unnatural ‘dead sound’ during pauses.

Earset 2 has the smooth and easy movement typical of Bang & Olufsen – folding the short microphone arm in and out switches the headset on and off, and the extremely comfortable fit is made possible with the three-way adjustable ear-piece, used in other Bang & Olufsen hands-free solutions.

The choice of beautifully crafted aluminium and soft-touch plastic surfaces ensure the Earset 2 is both a pleasure to handle and wear, its especially composed ringing tone alerts the user to an incoming call with a melody adapted for use close to the ear.

The result is uniquely Bang & Olufsen says Brian Stilling Laursen, Business Manager, Bang & Olufsen: “Continuing the design introduced with our earphones, the appearance and comfort of Earset 2 is distinctive from any other wearable communication device available today. Our ambition is to create the best-sounding and best-looking Bluetooth headset on the market, and we’ve set a new standard for refinement and ease-of-use.”

Technical Specifications:


Transmission range:
Up to 10 m

Battery time:
4 hours talking, 100 hours standby

Charge time:
3 hours

22 g

Aluminium and plastic


Wall bracket: