Project Kahn Bentley GTS Black Edition

08.July, 2008 @17:07     Coupe News
Project Kahn’s Bentley gts body kit accentuates the cars already stunning exterior and provides a truly aggressive look. Project Kahn combines the proud heritage of the Bentley brand with its own ideology of producing contemporary, bespoke, stylish vehicles. The interior is transformed to the owner’s specification to create a driving heaven, a feeling that can only be achieved by Project Kahn…

Aerodynamic Styling Package here at project Kahn they make sure their cars are instantly recognizable. Made from the finest materials and fitted to the highest standards the body kit they have created for the Bentley GT creates an aggressive stance for the vehicle, whilst not straying away from the original lines of the car.

• front spoiler (2pc) the front of the bentley is transformed with the addition of the project kahn gt -s front spoiler. the two piece spoiler wraps around the edges of the front of the bumper and provides the vehicle with a more aggressive sports car feel.
• side sills (2pc) the project kahn gt-s side skirts follow the lines of the rear valance perfectly, as not to stray too far from the original look of the vehicle.
• rear valance (3pc) the project kahn rear bentley valance is a stylish subtle three piece lip to compliment the side skirts in the kahn body styling package. the valance helps to create a starting line for the skirts whilst contouring round the exhaust to finish the project kahn look.
• rear boot spoiler the perfect finish to the bentley gt body styling package is the project kahn rear boot spoiler. the lip spoiler follows the original lines of the car seamlessly, adding the finishing touch to the project kahn conversionlarge1

Interior Components Project Kahn is famous for the way they transform the exterior look of some of the most luxurious vehicles in the world; however the interiors they produce are truly breathtaking. Using the finest materials available worldwide, Project kahn interiors are designed to produce style and comfort for the driver and passenger of any of our cars.

Performance Upgrades whilst project Kahn specializes in automotive design, they have specialists to improve the performance of some of their vehicles. Tuned vehicle ecu's and exhausts are developed so that the performance matches the style.large3

SUSPENSION & BRAKING the suspension and breaks can vastly improve the performance and looks of your vehicle. When lowered a car will gain superior handling and ground hugging looks, whilst brake calipers can be colour coded at the request of the customer.

SAFETY AND SECURITY here at Project Kahn the safety and security aspect of your vehicle is paramount. They offer additional safety and security products to ensure you feel comfortable weather inside or away from your car.large4

KAHN ACCESSORIES the Project Kahn accessory pack is standard with all project Kahn converted vehicles. consisting of the Kahn key ring and the kahn carbon umbrella the pack is the perfect accessory for your vehicle.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS along with the standard Project Kahn conversion there are optional extras they can add to your vehicle. They also offer a special consultation with our head of design afzal Kahn to discuss complete one off redesign concepts for any vehicle you desire.

KAHN VALVE CAPS here at Project Kahn there is nothing left when attention to detail is concerned. the project Kahn valve caps provide an excellent finish to our stunning portfolio of alloy wheels. Capturing the perfection project kahn achieve with every conversion.