The 21-inch Cargraphic GT set of wheels for the Japanese cannonball

14.September, 2009 @22:09     Tech News

Nissan GT-R – the big number

He came, he drove, he conquered – in many comparative tests: The Nissan GT-R has dethroned the Ceasars of the Nordschleife with impressive lap times. This 485PS sportsman’s special achievement deserves a medal. So Cargraphic has given it four, with an expressive set of 21-inch GT wheels. A full two inches bigger than the standard 19” wheels, the three-piece wheels make the Nissan look even more aggressive – especially with the optional black-painted forged stars.
 Cargraphic can, of course, paint the wheels any colour according to the customer’s needs. With its striking five double-spoke design, the “GT” shines in every version and comes with the presence and punch of a heavyweight boxer. But the Nissan still swings around bends on “light feet”, because Cargraphic focuses on lightweight construction in its in-house wheel manufacturing facility that comes with the stamp of quality that goes with “made in Germany”. The GT has hidden air pockets and a heat-treated, forged alloy star and it takes a full 90 minutes for the special machine to make each one. In addition to the rigid centre star the vehicle tuner counts on highly polished, high quality steel outer rims. These create an attractive contrast and are resistant to brake sparks and high speed impacts.

Manufacture:              Three piece alloy-forged star, strengthened alloy inner- rim and high quality steel outside rim

Locking nuts:              Fix drilled from 5x108 to 5x 130

Dimensions:               Available from 7,0 x 19 inch to 12,0 x 22 inch

Load:                          775 kg per wheel

Colour:                       Silver is standard, individual colours with a surcharge