Racing Hooves for the Rampant Cavallino

27.November, 2009 @08:11     Coupe News

Everybody knows the legendary Ferrari Testarossa from Miami Vice on DVD or from the remake of the arcade hit Outrun. It is an icon of the 1980s and early 1990s, and now the uber Testarossas, the 512 TR and 512 M, can mark themselves apart with a new 19” cast or weight optimized forged wheel upgrade from Cargraphic that can carry the load of this outlandish supercar while trimming the weight. 


Yet it won’t cost the earth to revolutionize this classic car: the complete set of 8.5x19” fronts and 11.0x19” rears dressed in 235/35R19 and 305/30R19” Michelin tires respectively costs just €5230 including tax. The classic U and Y-spoke designs that are 100 per cent made in Germany fit the profile of this 440 PS strong and 315km/h fast Italian stallion like a glove. Yet these new larger wheels with a bigger aperture and slender spokes bring the car storming into the new millennium.


The icing on the cake is the centre lock look fastening, which gives the wheel its final frosting of sporting flavour. And the cherry is the choice of colours, as for a small surcharge the Landau tuner paints the standard silver finish in any tone you can imagine. The wheels can match the car, contrast violently or come in a highly polished finished, and then there is the wheel centre that can be polished to a mirror finish, too, or supplied in a lightweight alloy racing look.




Manufacturing:                        Three-piece cast or forged centre and reinforced inner rim and stainless steel outer rim


Locking circle:                        Fixed drilled from 5x98 to 5x130


Dimensions:                            Available from 6.5x18 up to 12.0x22”


Load:                                      Available from 765kg up to 950kg per wheel


Colour:                                     Silver as standard; individual colour choices available with a surcharge.  E.g. Black €178,50 per wheel centre