The MACS-Display reliably monitors each tyre

06.October, 2010 @17:10     Tech News

Each car is threatened by a subliminal danger: we are talking about a gradual loss of tyre pressure, which even affects "healthy" tyres and threatens safety – as well as the environment and the wallet. But luckily the accessory specialists at now offer an easy to install system, which individually monitors each tyre and displays a warning in case of deviations – the MACS-Display. As a result it is not necessary to get your hands dirty at the petrol station and handle cumbersome machinery, which is often not done precisely for these reasons. At the same time the MACS-Display provides a multi-functional head-up display, similar to the devices used in jet fighters. The EU plans to make electronic tyre pressure monitoring mandatory from 2011 for new vehicles. But current statistics clearly show the importance of this type of assistance system: 80 percent of all flat tyres are caused by a lack of pressure. Even without getting a flat there is a threat of hazardous consequences including accidents, due to the increased braking distance. At the same time the life-span of the tyres is shortened by up to 30 percent with a pressure reduction of 0.3 bar. Money and valuable resources are also wasted as a result of the increasing fuel consumption, which in this case is increased by around 1.5 percent. There is also a high cost to the environment: overall more than half a million tonnes of CO2 are unnecessarily emitted per year in Germany, due to low pressure. effectively and inexpensively deals with all of these problems with the MACS-Display, which can be installed even by novices without difficulties and expensive help from a garage: first simply replace the valve caps with the supplied sensor caps, it is unnecessary to balance the tyres due to their low weight compared to many other systems with sensors in the tyres.


Then the combined control and projection unit merely has to be connected using the freely accessible diagnostics plug under the dashboard – and you’re done! Via the head-up display the driver can view the status of the tyres at any time, and also display other values on the screen: the speed and rpm, consumption values, boost pressure (for supercharged engines) and other data are available via OBD2 perfectly shown within view. It is therefore that easy to do some good for your safety, your environment and your wallet.