Maserati Steps Out With Top Model Agency Icm At London Fashion Week

27.September, 2005 @08:09     Coupe News

The collaboration will see the muscular GranSport and the glamorous Coupé transporting catwalk queens including Erin O’Connor, Laura Bailey, Alek Wek and Jade Parfitt during London Fashion Week (18-22 September 2005).

Italian style, sophistication and extraordinary performance lie at the heart of every Maserati and with the world’s most beautiful models on-board, every journey will be a head-turning experience.mas1

Andrea Antonnicola, Sales and Marketing Director of Ferrari Maserati UK said: ‘The very best British designers will show their collections during London Fashion Week and it is entirely natural that Maserati should be highly visible during this event. Our cars reflect the style and sophistication of the designs on show and it will be a unique opportunity to see them together with some of the world’s most beautiful models.’mas4

‘London Fashion week is great fun but it’s hectic too, and the chance to sit in sumptuous leather seats of a Maserati while I’m whisked to my next assignment makes it a real pleasure,’ said one of ICM’s top models.mas2

Other VIP guests chauffeured around in Maserati Quattroportes at London Fashion Week’s coolest parties included Alexander McQueen, who launched his Puma McQueen shoe range at the SEOne Club last night and Italy’s goalkeeper Gigi Buffon.mas3

This year’s London Fashion Week main venue is the Marquee at the Natural History Museum. A selected range of the potent, 400hp Gran Sports will be seen in London during the week, accompanied by a variety of elegant Coupés.