Audi A5


08.March, 2017 @18:03    

The car’s V6 biturbo has been developed from the ground up and provides significantly more performance coupled with higher efficiency,” said Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Audi Sport GmbH, in describing the new model.

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24.September, 2011 @15:09    

The RS 5 Coupé is the star athlete of the A5 family. It offers the power and handling of a powerful sports car packaged in the body of an alluringly elegant coupe.

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27.February, 2009 @08:02    

[PIC=1997:left]ABT Sportsline has achieved plenty of success with the AS5, which is based on Audi’s A5 - as the coupe has a dynamic and elegant design, is full of technical power and also quick. All this makes it a "real” ABT.

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10.December, 2007 @17:12    

Unobtrusive design and powerful appearance - this is what the Abt AS5 stands for. With a discerning eye on the detail Abt enhances the elegant Audi Coupé with its breathtaking, pleasing contours and the stretched flanks. The

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21.February, 2007 @20:02    

The A5 Coupé will mark the start of a new technical generation. Like the R8, the A5 opens up a new segment for Audi in which we will be considering various model versions.

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