G-POWER is celebrating 15 years of supercharging

24.September, 2011 @15:09     Tech News

Until October 14th 2011 we offer 100% discount on the installation of all G-POWER supercharger systems at the G-POWER headquarter. You can save up to 25% off the cost of the complete package depending on the chosen system.


In the summer of 1996 G-POWER has introduced the first G-POWER supercharger system for the BMW M3 E36 and with it started the era of supercharging at G-POWER, 15 years ago. This has been the foundation of a success story that has led to 5 world records until today, with no end in sight.


The BMW M3 with 3.0l engine started with an output enhancement to 370 hp, that has been later replaced by the 3.2l engine and an output enhancement to 385 hp. That attracted great attention among BMW fans and the press likewise. The German car magazine “sport cars” for example wrote in its issue 8/1999 that the G-POWER supercharger provides an unrestricted suitability for everyday use and a substantial output increase compared to the standard engine. The magazine “auto motor und sport” is equally impressed and wrote in its issue 24/1999:”… A considerable 64 hp increases in output can be stated after the tuning crew from the north has finished its job. The power delivery is flawless and free of any sort of turbo lag or any other imperfections, since the ASA supercharger supplies power from 1.100 rpm on. This characteristic turns the already potent M-Engine into a beast.” 


And those 64 plus hp were just the beginning. Thanks to a constant evolution of this first G-POWER supercharger system featuring a ASA centrifugal supercharger, the system reached a peak output of 450 PS when used in the official FIA Safety Car, a G-POWER Z3M, for the motorbike world championship in 2001.  In the same year a supercharged G-POWER Z3M won the first place in its category at the “Tuner Grand Prix” arrange by “sport auto”. In its final stage this first G-POWER supercharger system obtained a peak output of up to 600 hp.


During the years G-POWER’s supercharger programme has been gradually extended. An important milestone thereby has been the G-POWER SK Plus supercharger system for the M54 engine. In contrast to the previous developments, the priority of its design has not been in gaining the most possible output, but to provide the end customer with the opportunity of a D-I-Y installation of a G-POWER supercharger system. Output enhancements of up to 75 hp can be realized with the G-POWER SK Plus supercharger system without even leaving its home garage. 


Also in the current G-POWER programme, which spans now from the 3 series E46 and Z4 to the E46 M3 / Z4M up to the current M3, the SK Plus supercharger system for the M54 engine is still a fixed constant. But of course the G-POWER Bi-Kompressor system for BMW’s legendary V10 engine is the unchallenged Highlight among the G-POWER supercharger programme. This system, that has brought G-POWER 5 world records amid them the title for the fastest sedan in the world, marks with 800 hp the peak in output enhancement in the G-POWER product programme. Thereby G-POWER being the first and only manufacture capable of offering this level of output increase for this unique power unite. For the successor, the current BMW M5, more than 800 hp are in the pipeline.


For the future G-POWER will continue to rely on supercharging using centrifugal supercharges in general and ASA superchargers in particular. And that for good reason, because compared to competing products on the market the ASA supercharger needs less driving power to achieve the aimed boost level. Put into practice that means more output increase at a lower boost level, because less power is inefficiently wasted for the drive of the supercharger. So the engine needs to be less supercharged and thereby is less strained compared to competing products. Worldwide more than 3000 satisfied customers can prove this technical correlation.


But not just the enormous potential for output enhancement (about 300 additional hp for the BMW V10 engine) is characteristic for the G-POWER supercharger systems, but most of all it is the highly emotional output delivery that makes the G-POWER supercharger system stand out form any other system of forced induction. This effect called “Sport Drive” of the G-POWER supercharger systems ensures that compared with the series-production version, the G-POWER supercharger system delivers further improved response to even the tiniest movement of the gas pedal, plus absolutely no restrictions in its aggressive high revving under full load and progressive power delivery right up to the rev limiter. In addition to these features, the increased output delivered by the G-POWER supercharger system also comes with a significant plus in mid-range torque. The basis for this effect is the optimized compressor housing and impeller of the new ASA superchargers, to which the periphery of the supercharger has been designed using CAD and virtual Computational Fluid Dynamics Analyses (CFD-Analyse).  

Find out for yourself about the advantages of the G-POWER supercharger systems. During the promotional period until October 14th 2011 G-POWER helps you with your decision by offering 100% discount on the installation of the G-POWER supercharger systems of your choice at the G-POWER headquarter. You can save up to 25% off the cost of the complete package depending on the chosen system.